why I love dogs . . . reason #128 ~ weekend of August 27th, 2016


dogs run there

is a special moment

that only a camera can capture

that happens in a fraction of a second.

at that moment everything slows down and

you can see their long, flowing fur, frozen in time . . .

an evocative impression fine art painting of a long-haired red aussie shepherd dog running with complete abandon in a field of short grasses by evocative pet photography in calgary

. . . like waves in the ocean or grass blown by the breeze

on a warm summer



Evocative Impressions™ fine art digital pet paintings in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


people’s forecast: bring a hat and jacket because it’s a mixed bag on Saturday then loads of brightness and white puffies on Sunday.

doggy temperatures: bring lots of fresh water.  highs of +21 & +17 Celsius / lows +9 Celsius

photographer’s sunrise / sunset: 06:41 AM / 8:35 PM

off leash conditions: mostly dry-like.

bugs: lingering mosquitos

UV: high’ish

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