the Warm Feelings Campaign presents . . . Oops-a-Dazy Rescue and Sanctuary Society

this week the Warm Feelings Campaign is featuring the Oops-a-Dazy Rescue And Sanctuary Society.

so who is the Oops-a-dazy Rescue and Sanctuary Society?

We help neglected, abused and stray domestic and farm animals find loving and permanent homes, and give life sanctuary to those unlikely to be adopted.  We began with a single family dedicated to animal welfare, and as word spread, we grew into a full-fledged rescue and sanctuary run entirely by volunteers.   In 2004, we were given official non-profit status.

Rescued animals are placed on a farm just outside Calgary or in a network of foster homes throughout the area, where they are given veterinary care, socialization with people and other animals, training and love to prepare them for adoption.   Over the last decade, we have adopted out several thousand animals, including dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, goats and even alpacas.   Adoptions are promoted through our webpage, Calgary Petsmart stores and community events.

We had the pleasure of meeting Zeus, a 15 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross and giving him his very own EDP session to aid in his adoption.  Zeus is a very happy and gentle boy.  We enjoyed spending our time with him and meeting his very dedicated foster mom, Lois.

We will be sharing more playful images of Zeus and information about Oops-a-Dazy over the coming days.  you don’t want to miss it!  🙂

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