Springtime, Smiles & newly uncovered Scents


enjoyed the

crisp, cool mornings

that come with springtime.

the warmth of the sun on his face made him smile.

but he especially loved discovering the newly uncovered scents . . .

calgary pet photographer's smiling dog smells spring in the air by evocative photography

. . . and fortunately for us, Jake

always liked to stay



“JAKE’S BEST GUESS” 4 Calgary Pet Photography conditions this Weekend

people’s forecast: a doggo’s breakfast of sunshine, rain, snow and clouds . . . and that’s just on Saturday! bring everything.

off leash conditions: some snow drifts, ice in the morning, mud, more mud & yucky puddles of water.

doggy temperatures: bring loads of fresh water to prevent drinking from yucky puddles.
keep activities appropriate for your dog.
highs +9ºC & +2ºC
lows 0ºC & -2ºC 

sunrise / sunset: 07:35 AM / 7:51 PM

air quality: low to moderate risk

UV: low to moderate

bugs: ticks possible

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