are there Benefits to your Dog sleeping in your Bed?



even a thing?

do you care what the science says?

we didn’t need any studies to prove that we loved it! 😀

warm and cozy under the covers with jake the border collie aussie shepherd dog giddy with his family holiday fine art calgary pet photography

Jake loved nothing more than sharing our bed and falling asleep . . .

for a few hours . . . and then waking up, stretching,

and then sleeping again,

in his own (more




Nico ~ on springing ahead



please, please . . .

Nico the bunny rabbit wishes for just one more hour of sleep for daylight savings time by evocative pet photography in calgary during an edp studio session

 . . .  just one more

hour of



happy International Women’s Day

James here…

today marks International Women’s Day.

when I think of all the compassionate, intelligent and strong women who’ve had an influence in my life I have many to thank . . .

and one whom I am forever grateful to share my life with . . .

the best heartfelt moving fine art black and white people with their pets photographer in calgary by evocative photography

here’s her story of how one woman can profoundly influence a life.


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