4 Tips for Keeping Pets Safe During Halloween

4 Tips for Keeping Pets Safe During Halloween

1. TREATS  chocolate, raisins, some nuts, artificial sweeteners and wrappers can be lethal to our pets even in small amounts. please keep Halloween candy safely out of reach.

2. COSTUMES  you know best whether your pets like to dress up so limit the duration and watch closely for signs of stress, discomfort and overheating. never leave your pets unsupervised.

3. CALM  create a calm, indoor space for your pets, perhaps a room separated from the excitement and walk your dog before or after the peak hours of ghosts and goblins.

4. I.D.  if your pets are a flight risk, what better time to make certain your pets have proper identification (city tags, microchips, tattoos) and that everything is up to date including your address, phone number and current photographs of your pets.

jake the australian shepherd border collie dog solves crime in a Scooby doo halloween costume by calgary pet photography gurus evocative photography

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