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when I was thirteen in junior high we had a designated time during school to read a book for thirty minutes.

I chose to read “Cat’s Eye” by Margaret Atwood, a story about a mature woman remembering her youth.

up to that point I had been a reader of fluffy teen books like the sweet valley high series.

“Cat’s Eye” had a profound influence on all the books I chose to read after.

I never knew how artful story telling could be.

on Valentine’s day this year Margaret Atwood was to appear at the University of Calgary for a reading and book signing.

this was going to be a big day for me . . . meeting the woman I greatly admired for most of my life.

  during the reading Ms. Atwood chose a poem about her cat entering heaven,

whom she was extremely close to, that had passed away.

it was both humourous and touching and

I felt her sense of loss.

so when we caught a glimpse of her . . .

. . . I had butterflies in anticipation of meeting such a beautiful soul.

she had a depth of kindness in her eyes . . .

. . . and the hands of a prolific writer.

when I found out that she wrote children’s books I couldn’t stop myself from making a purchase for two young girls who may one day grow up being inspired by Margaret Atwood.

in honour of International Women’s Day I thought

what better time to share my story

of how one woman can

profoundly influence

a life.


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