Go4aWalk day #1560 GuessTination Hint #1 ~ long weekend of April 14th, 2017


Tuesday we asked

if you had any guesses

as to where we went for a walk on day #1560.

guesses ranged from Nose Hill or Fish Creek Parks in Calgary,

the Ranche in Cochrane and Lethbridge, Alberta.  all those answers were incorrect.

so here’s HINT #1:  on our road trip we were NOT in the cities of Calgary or Lethbridge or town of Cochrane . . .

the calgary pet photographer presents a photograph of a happy border collie dog by evocative photography go4awalk #1560 guesstination hint #1. . .  but where we were Spring

was springing.



people’s forecast:  bring a hat and jacket.  a wildly mixed dog’s breakfast of snow, rain, clouds, wind and sun.

doggy temperatures:  bring fresh (not frozen) water.  highs +2 to +8 Celsius / lows -5 to 0 Celsius

off leash conditions:  slippy with ice, hardpacked snow, slush and mud

sunrise / sunset: 06:43 AM / 8:30 PM

bugs: just beginning

UV: possible

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