Evocative Photography presents . . . the EDP (Evocative Dog Photography) sessions

Evocative Photography presents . . .

the EDP sessions™


our clients typically spend between $300 to $2,000 including their session and product purchase*

the EDP sessions™:  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

how do I book and pay for my session?  you may book your session by phone or by email.  the session fee is kindly accepted at the time of your session by cash or by cheque payable to Evocative Photography.™

where do the EDP sessions™ take place?  in our professional, home-based studio in sunny Calgary, Alberta.

how long will the session take?  typically sessions are about an hour.  for the first part of the hour your dog gets to know us at their pace.  only when they are comfortable do we begin shooting.  since we have photographed hundreds of animals we usually capture your pet’s essence quickly.

can guardians be included in the session?  absolutely!  we encourage guardians to be a part of the session.  often these memories will be the most precious to you.  the session fee will vary depending on the number of people.

will you pose us?  we like to take a candid, fun, hands-off approach to ensure what we capture is natural.  but, drawing upon our wedding and portraiture experience, if direction is needed or asked for we will happily make suggestions.

we want you and your loved ones to look their best. 😉

can more than one pet be included in the session?  the session fee includes one pet.  please inquire about adding additional pets from the same family.

what if I need to cancel or reschedule my session?  please let us know by phone a minimum of 48 hours before your session if you need to cancel or reschedule.

how long does this whole process take?  about a week after your photo session we will email you an invitation for your ordering session.  after you have placed your order during your ordering session most orders are ready in about four weeks.  some products (canvases, books, etc.) may take between 6 to 8 weeks to produce.

what is a ordering session?  an Evocative Photography™ ordering session is a special occasion for us.  we extend you an invitation to visit our studio and enjoy your images as a multimedia presentation without distractions and larger than life.  an Evocative Photography™ ordering session usually takes about an hour.  it is often a time, as you’re images wash over you, when you may feel like sharing stories about the special bond you and your pet share.  we really love hearing these stories.

don’t feel embarrassed to let your feelings show, it wouldn’t be the first time . . . we keep a big box of tissues close by. 😉

will I be looking at a whole bunch of similar looking proofs?  absolutely not.  we will not overwhelm you with countless images that look exactly the same.

how do I place my order?  we kindly ask that you place your order during your ordering session with us.  we accept cash or cheque payable to Evocative Photography.™  prints and other products will be available for pickup at our studio.

may I purchase additional prints?  yes.  if you would like us to produce additional prints for you we have a variety of pricing and sizing options.

what other products do you offer?  we have a variety of professionally created product options including custom framing, gallery wrapped canvases, custom memory books and greeting cards.

I’m still not sure you can photograph my pet, she is nuts!  we understand that some folks may feel that way.  We have photographed hundreds of feral, shelter and rescued animals, fear biters, excruciatingly shy and overly excitable animals.  we have the experience it takes to capture your pet but if you are still not sure, you’re backed by the “Evocative Photography Guarantee™” . . .

do you provide a guarantee?  yes!!  the “Evocative Photography Guarantee™” gives you peace of mind.  we guarantee that you will LOVE your images at the time of your ordering session or we will re-shoot or refund your entire session fee.  no questions asked.

*subject to change without notice. 

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