discovering the joy of walking your dog ~ day 2 ~ calgary pet photography

so we began our commitment

to walking our dog for 30 minutes every day, yesterday.
we will be posting daily updates on our Facebook and Twitter pet photography pages

but here on the dog blog we’ll provide some highlights, answer some questions and provide more depth when we can.

Day 1 Notes

yesterday’s (January 1st, 2013) walk went well even though James was still sick. 🙁

we opted for an evening walk (which in Calgary during the long winter months means walking in the dark) even though it’s more challenging for us & our dog Jake.  dogs have better low light vision, are able to hear higher frequency sounds & have a much keener sense of smell than humans (we’ll explain this in greater detail in a later post).

after the walk was over, Jake relaxed on his dog bed & began snoring almost immediately.  several times when he awoke he looked over at us & sighed. 🙂

there is nothing like hearing the contented sigh of your dog and knowing that you may have played a role in it.

we have always known

how important a walk is to dogs.

while walking dogs for the humane society

we noticed a marked difference in a dog after it had been walked.

walks provide dogs with so many things that are vital to their well being.

we are all they have and we owe it to them as responsible pet guardians to care for their needs.

happy walking! 🙂

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