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we want to wish everyone

a very

Happy New Year!

now let’s start something new.

this year we want to make a commitment.

we’re going to name it something . . . we just don’t know what yet.

after you read this

please send us your suggestions.

why bother submitting?

your name will be attached to it &

a new star will be named in your honour 😉

and now

our new commitment . . .

every day

for the rest of this year

we are going to commit to taking our dog Jake

out for a thirty minute walk.

that’s it.

nothing fancy.

he likes walks.

so Jake, go get your leash!

he’s always grateful &

showers us with affection afterwards. 🙂

does your dog like walks?

if so

why not

do the same thing?

pick any time of day.

just make sure to do it.

it’s only thirty minutes.

it will mean the world to them.

we’ll call this our Go4aWalk? commitment.

please share this

it’ll keep us motivated 😉


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