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got a Snow Dog?

does your dog LOVE the snow? Jake would spend hours playing in the snow. he could never seem to get enough of the fluffy white stuff. 🙂

Springtime, Smiles & newly uncovered Scents

Jake enjoyed the crisp, cool mornings that come with springtime. the warmth of the sun on his face made him smile. but he especially loved discovering the newly uncovered scents . . . . . . and fortunately for us, Jake always liked to stay clean. 😉 “JAKE’S BEST GUESS” 4 Calgary Pet Photography conditions...

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ~ weekend of March 16th, 2019

Jake was a very good boy who never counter surfed, begged for food or showed any food aggression . . . . . . and for presenting us with this ideal behaviour, he was rewarded mightily. (although you can’t see it in this picture he’s drooling buckets!) 😀 jake here . . . i approve...

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