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be like Jake

Jake, you were not a skilled linguist, nor did you have an ear for music, and solving math problems was not your forte. but, you were the wisest person I knew and I strive to be like you every day. ~ I am thankful to Jake for teaching me some of life’s most important lessons...

How to Remove Sticky stuff from Your Pet’s Fur

it’s that time of year again, when the sticky, gooey, sappy stuff has to be gently removed from our pet’s fur. *DISCLAIMER: ALWAYS CONSULT WITH YOUR VETERINARIAN FIRST* to start, we make sure we do it on the linoleum in our bathroom, where the stuff that comes off won’t bond itself to our carpet, hardwood,...

the long Weekend, Easter & a short work week

we trust that everyone  had a happy, relaxed Easter  loooong weekend filled with great food, close friends and family . .  . . . .  and that this shortened work week will pass by quicker than you can turn  a page in a good  magazine. 😉

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