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the long Weekend, Easter & a short work week

we trust that everyone  had a happy, relaxed Easter  loooong weekend filled with great food, close friends and family . .  . . . .  and that this shortened work week will pass by quicker than you can turn  a page in a good  magazine. 😉

this Easter . . . r e l a x

this  Easter  be sure to  s t r e t c h out your legs, . . .     . . . kick back, and  r e l a x. 🙂

PSA: ticks are icky

it’s that time again to talk about tick season, and . . . . . . the Alberta Government’s website on Lyme disease and tick surveillance has some very helpful information. the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association has a useful article on “Tick Preventions & Removal” please be sure to check your pets for ticks after...

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