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the long Weekend, Easter & a short work week

we trust that everyone  had a happy, relaxed Easter  loooong weekend filled with great food, close friends and family . .  . . . .  and that this shortened work week will pass by quicker than you can turn  a page in a good  magazine. 😉

Paw Care for Dogs in Winter ~ weekend of February 23rd, 2019

how do you care for your dog’s paws during winter and spring (often on the same day) in Calgary? 😉 we’ve tried it all, from Muttluks to paw pastes, rubber booties to après-paw-soaks. every dog is an individual that requires their own unique solutions. and yes, when conditions are particularly challenging we’ve even resorted to...

PSA: Guide Dog Etiquette

PSA: Public Service Announcement while we were out and about on Family Day we noticed a service dog with their handler and thought it would be a great time to remind everyone of the proper etiquette when seeing a guide dog. here are some guide dog etiquette tips from the BC & Alberta Guide Dog...

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