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Zeus is available for adoption from Oops-a-Dazy . . .

To find out more information about adopting Zeus please click here.

how much it costs to have a dog is always something to consider before adopting.

here is some helpful budget information about the start up cost and regular yearly costs of having a dog provided by oops-a-dazy rescue:

Owning an animal can be a expensive proposition.  Before you adopt,  consider whether or not you are ready for the financial, emotional, and time investment. 

Dog Budget

The following does not include emergency medical care, dewormer, replacement toys and beds, etc. Nor does it include the cost of your time needed for walking, playing and caring for your dog.  

For a spayed/ neutered, mixed breed, medium sized dog (~50lbs):

Minimum Cost Per Year (Approximate)
Food and Treats
12 bags of dog food (40lb) @ $69.99 $839.88
2 boxes biscuit treats per month @ 5.99 $143.76
8 cans dog food (397g) per month @ $2.07 $198.72
8 bones per month @ $5.00 $480.00
Veterinary Care
Yearly visit – exam and vaccinations $150.00
Spring bath and brush outFall bath and brush out $40.00$40.00
City Of Calgary license fee $28.50
2 weeks dog care @ $20.00 per day $280.00
Subtotal $2,200.86
GST $110.04

TOTAL $2,310.90
Start Up Costs
Food and water dishes $20.00
Collar and leash $30.00
Brush and comb $15.00
Toys – balls, frisbees, etc $50.00
 Bed $60.00
Kennel or Crate $120.00
Dog House $150.00
Adoption Fee $200.00
Subtotal $645.00
GST $22.25

TOTAL $667.25

Is it worth it? YOU BET IT IS!

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