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heartwarming touching fine art black and white photograph of a border collie dog sleeping peacefully and joyously on his people by evocative pet photography in calgarywe once heard a very heart warming story that forever reminds us why we do what we do:

a woman is preparing supper for her family in her kitchen. she hears a pounding on her front door and before she can react, her neighbour has broken down the door. he yells at her, “your house is on fire! we have to leave now!”
she breaks his hold and runs into a part of her home that is ablaze. he stares in disbelief as she comes running back out of the flames with a framed picture under her arm.
she tells him through sobs, “it’s of my dog . . . he died of cancer a year ago . . . it’s the only memory i have left of him.”

our pets are our family . . . 

we love and cherish our pets and want to honour the enduring bond that we share with them.  after 21 years of marriage we couldn’t get enough of each other and decided to work together doing something that we were both deeply passionate about . . . pet photography.  so, we took the plunge, invested some of our life savings and set out on a journey to create Evocative Photography.

with over 35 years of combined photographic experience and our background in landscape, portrait and wedding photography we are uniquely capable of creating timeless images ensuring you both look beautiful

a truly powerful image will stay with you for the rest of your life. we create powerful, timeless images of your precious memories that can never be replaced and that will make you want to run into a burning building to save.

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