what Jake the littlest bobo does ~ calgary studio pet photography

yesterday’s morning run was followed by a long walk.

because the autumn mornings are crisp

we both expend a lot more energy

just keeping warm.

back in the studio while we sat down to work images from the Goliath campaign

we noticed Jake staring blankly at the wall.

it piqued our interest so we watched him closely

wondering what he was so captured by.

he was watching the low-angled fall sun make it’s way down the wall to a spot on the floor.  🙂

once the sun began to illuminate the floor

he made himself into a small ball

and laid down in the sunlight.  🙂

as the sun warmed more of our studio floor

he was able to stretch himself out . . .

and after a few moments . . .

he was fast asleep

snoring gently.

sleep well