. . . the 2nd Blessing of the Animals ~ Calgary Pet Photographer

The second Blessing of the Animals took place at The Anglican Parish of Christ Church, here in Calgary, on a beautiful autumn afternoon.

the service began with the blessing of buddy, the calgary police services horse.

Just after the Blessing, Jake looked up and brought my attention to another dog.  Her name was “Poppy Bright Eyes”, Poppy for short.  Her compassionate guardian Trudy, who loves Border Collies, happily let me know that Poppy was well over 12 years of age.

Although Poppy can no longer hear or see as well as she used to, there is still a sparkle in her eyes.  😉

We dedicate this excerpt from the poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, “To Flush, My Dog,” to all the faithful animals out there.

And if one or two quick tears
Dropped upon his glossy ears
Or a sigh came double,
Up he sprang in eager haste,
Fawning, fondling, breathing fast,
In a tender trouble.

And this dog was satisfied
If a pale thin hand would glide
Down his dewlaps sloping, —
Which he pushed his nose within,
After,—platforming his chin
On the palm left open.

Therefore to this dog will I,
Tenderly not scornfully,
Render praise and favor:
With my hand upon his head,
Is my benediction said
Therefore and for ever.