. . . the 1st Blessing of the Animals ~ Calgary Pet Photographer

This Blessing of the Animals took place on a Saturday at the Cathedral Church of the Redeemer in downtown Calgary.  Donations from the Blessing of the Animals went to the MEOW Foundation and the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF).  There were about 40 or more animals of all descriptions which included cats, dogs and a host of other small, unidentified furry creatures in attendance.  There was even a horse, but that’s another story!

This was Jake’s first Blessing.  🙂  He had never been inside a church before (that we know of).  Although he was a bit anxious at the start, once he laid his chin on my leg I knew he would be alright.

I noticed a woman, with her little fur-baby in her arms, slowly rocking back and forth.  The pup had a Thundershirt on.  Thundershirts are used to calm anxious dogs using a process similar to swaddling a baby.  It seemed to be working.

After Jake was blessed a warm feeling washed over me.  We will definitely be attending every year as it was a beautiful experience.