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the Dog about Town ~ on smelly-rotty-rot-rot time ~ weekend of October 22nd, 2016

jake here . . . i love to Go4aWalk . . . . . . during the smelly-rotty-rot-rot time Jake means “autumn” 😉 ok, bye. 🙂 “JAKE’S BEST GUESS” 4 CALGARY PET PHOTOGRAPHER CONDITIONS THIS WEEKEND people’s forecast: bring a hat & jacket. mostly brightness on both days with a bit of blowyness. doggy temperatures: bring water….

the Dog about Town gets sticky ~ weekend of May 2nd, 2015

 it’s that time of year again. the streets begin to fill with hibernating bears, the chill in the air is replaced with a warm wind, and the buds of May begin to blossom bringing the Dog about Town’s arch nemesis . . . . . . the sticky gooey stuff. for tips on safely removing all kinds of…