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the Dog about Town ~ on removing sticky gooey stuff from fur ~ weekend of July 5th, 2014

some of you may recall Jake’s post from last week. this is how we keep the Dog about Town’s soft, fur coat clean from sticky, gooey, sappy stuff . . . first we make sure we do it on the linoleum in our bathroom, where the stuff that comes off won’t bond itself to our carpet,…

the Dog about Town ~ on sticky gooey stuff ~ weekend of June 28th, 2014

jake here… as a dog I simply cannot pass by a scene like this without investigating. the smellier the stuff, the stronger my urge to cover myself in it, and share it with the world. as soon as my people weren’t looking, it was my duty to lay down in this sticky, gooey, wonderfully smelly stuff. mission accomplished. okay, bye….

the Dog about Town ~ found objects edition ~ weekend of June 14th, 2014

Jake L-O-V-E-S his w-a-l-k-s. but when he finds an object during one of his walks that’s an extra special event.  there is a whole production made out of it. first he must stare at it to let us know it’s there and that “he” found it. then he must put it in his mouth. next he brings…