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Jake on Santa Paws

“what do you mean, he knows if I’VE been bad or good?!?” Evocative Impressions™ iPoDOGraphy 😉

the Dog about Town ~ on shorter days ~ weekend of December 12th, 2015

jake here . . . i don’t understand why we have to Go4Walk? in the dark so much . . . . . . does anyone have the answer? okay, bye. “JAKE’S BEST GUESS” 4 DOG WALKING CONDITIONS THIS WEEKEND IN CALGARY people’s forecast: bring a hat & a jacket.  mostly cloudy on both days with a bit-o-fog and possible…

the Dog about Town on Pretending to Sleep ~ cold weekend of November 29th, 2014

jake here . . . sometimes, like when it’s cold outside, i  pretend i’m fast asleep so i don’t have to go out. you should try it. okay, bye. iPoDography by my people on day #697 of our Go4aWalk? “JAKE’S BEST GUESS” 4 DOG WALKING CONDITIONS THIS WEEKEND IN CALGARY people’s forecast: bring a hat, mittens and a…