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Eddie from DWNN makes his TV debut! ~ alberta feral animal photography

earlier today Dr. Judith from the Dogs With No Names project appeared with Eddie on the Citytv morning show Breakfast Television Calgary . . . please be sure to check out this link while it’s available.  🙂

the unwanted dogs of the Dogs With No Names ~ Alberta Feral Dog Photography

“Even when we can’t see them, we know they are there.” “On occasion, we hear them howling on cold winter nights, in short sequence like coyotes do.” “Sometimes in the light of day we catch a glimpse of them limping along the ditch, tongues hanging out, trotting to unknown destinations.” “They seem to be in…

Evocative Photography presents . . . the Dogs With No Names ~ Feral Dog Photography in Alberta

Evocative Photography is proud to continue volunteering our talents for the Dogs With No Names (DWNN) . . . so . . . WHO ARE THE “DOGS WITH NO NAMES”? Accompanying mankind as we explored the world, dogs have been working animals and companions for thousands of years. Evolved from wolves living on the fringe…