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Odin & Georgina at the Yamnuska Wofldog Sanctuary ~ Alberta Wolfdog Photography

Georgina interacts with the wolfdogs in such a calm and respectful manner . . . Odin listens attentively to Georgina as she tosses him a treat, note her body position . . . Georgina sits quietly and allows Odin to approach her on his terms . . . Odin approaches to give Georgina kisses, note…

. . . walking in a winter wonderland ~ Canmore Professional Pet Photography

sleigh bells ring are you listening in the lane snow is glistening a beautiful sight we’re happy tonight walking in a winter wonderland christmas might be over but our favorite season has just begun.  🙂    

. . . Monkey ~ Calgary Pet Photography

this year was one of the most spectacular falls ever!  not only did fall last more than a week 😉  there was enough time and ideal temperatures for all the glorious colours to make an appearance.  This is a rare occurrence. the colours in Canmore were particularly fantastic.  what better place to capture memories of…