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adorable guide dogs in training ~ part 3 ~ Alberta guide dog photography

the care, dedication & love that goes into being a guide dog puppy raiser was abundantly evident . . . “as a professional pet photographer these are the kinds of strong images that evoke something in me . . . these precious moments are what I live for . . . the gentle touch, the…

adorable guide dogs in training ~ part 2 ~ Alberta guide dog photography

imagine getting your puppy to lay and wait for you in a room full of puppies and people . . . check out the laser focus in this dog’s eyes as he awaits his next instruction . . . I saw that level of attention so many times. “My Friend” I have a friend, she…

adorable guide dogs in training ~ part 1 ~ Alberta guide dog photography

a week ago James was invited to observe the Alberta Guide Dogs service’s obedience class. we didn’t know this beforehand, but he was to be their first guest ever at class! one of the things that struck me immediately during the class was just how calm & obedient these specially bred puppies were . ….