Jake ~ on Farewell to Snow

jake here . . .

farewell cool white fluffy stuff . . .

happy border collie dog jake rolling in snow for canada 150 at lake louise in banff national park by the calgary pet photographers evocative photography

. . . until we meet again.

ok, bye.


Tools for the Shed ~ moulting weekend of April 1st, 2017


that we use for

the all year round shed . . .

tools for the shed funny pet meme infographic by evocative photography the calgary pet photographer

1. swiffer(s)

2. wahl pin/bristle brush

3. dusting brush vacuum cleaner attachment

4. fine toothed metal comb

5. adjustable shedding blade

6. scotch lint roller (or packing tape)

7. kong zoom groom for dogs

8. pet slicker

9. soft silicon vacuum brush attachment

10. microfibre cloth(s)

11. latex rubber glove(s)

12. furminator

*a good bath/blowdry before and after also helps but when in doubt go to your groomer.

** everything we use we’ve tested on our bare arms first.

what tools/tips/hacks do you use for de-shedding your pets?