stay away from my bowl, Harley ~ calgary pet photography


our sessions,

with a longing in their voice,

our clients share stories about the endearing things their pets do.

we recognize that these memories are often the most precious to them . . .

. . . like Deb and her story of how Chloe, the 7 pound female Yorkie, thwarts Harley’s attempts at eating any of her food.

Harley, dejected, sits patiently awaiting the few measly crumbs that may fall his way.

“we make

our client’s wishes

come true…

mostly.”™ 😉

Sam asks, “what do you mean by ‘mostly?'”

well Sam, we will only do what your pet is comfortable with.


the joys of Go4aWalk? day #132 ~ Calgary pet photography


joys of

Go4aWalk? day #132 . . .

day #132 complete . . . two walks today. 🙂  this morning James walked Jake for about 35 minutes:  there were city of Calgary road crews out today fixing a winter’s worth of potholes and bumps.  Jake found it fascinating so we watched them for a few minutes.  looking towards the mountains the snow is melting quickly.  it looked like it might be raining at lower elevations.

then I took Jake out for an hour long walk.  we went into a gully and I let him take in all the smells.  there was a strong scent of fresh buds and the promise of new growth lingering in the air.  the sticky, sappy stuff clung to Jake’s furry paws on our way back.

. . . the promise of new growth is one of

our favourite times of



the joys of Go4aWalk? day #131 ~ Calgary pet photography


joys of

Go4aWalk? day #131 . . .

day #131 complete . . . walked for about 35 minutes slowly because it was almost 30 degrees Celsius out . . . thankfully the wind made things bearable . . . Jake didn’t drink any of the water I brought with us but he drank lots when we got home.  there were a lot of folks working in their yards . . . can’t wait to see their gardens this year.

. . . we are enjoying walking our dog

during this warm,

stable Calgary