the first 100 days of our Go4aWalk commitment ~ calgary pet photography



has happened

since we began our commitment to walk Jake for at least 30 minutes every day.

the first big thing was that we finally have a name for what we’re doing:

we’re calling it “Go4aWalk?

this name stuck because that’s what we usually say to Jake just before we take him for a walk . . .

and yes he almost always does a head tilt when we say that. 😉

over the past 100 days Jake has experienced -30 to +19 degree Celsius temperatures

(he prefers the sub-zero temperatures),

winds from dead calm to gusts up to 70 kilometres per hour and

lighting conditions from morning sunrise to several hours after sunset.

( no animals were harmed during this time . . . can’t say the same for the humans. 😉 )

having folks take an active interest in our journey has given us the motivation to continue . . .


day #62 complete . . . to walk or not to walk?

Evocative Photography the Calgary Pet Photographer


we always appreciate every comment and the words of encouragement we receive . . .

several pep talks were required to screw our courage to the sticking place . . .

& we were thankful because several times we enjoyed beautiful sunsets.


through it all Jake remained our faithful companion

always ready with a head tilt of enthusiasm,

a few licks of gratitude and

a sigh of contentment.

here’s to the

next 100