J. Cash Wilson as the Citizen Pet centrefold ~ Calgary Pet Photography


does one

get ready to photograph

a billionaire philanthropist and his charming dog?

as professional pet photographers we like to do our homework.

we try to find out as much about the subject we’re going to photograph as possible and

the kinds of photographic conditions we are walking in to . . . but sometimes this isn’t always possible.

fortunately for us W. Brett Wilson just released a book titled, “Redefining Success,” making our research a bit easier.

the book’s cover photograph was made by the very talented Jason Stang.

we loved the chair used in that image . . . so upon arriving at W. Brett Wilson’s office I was happy to see the very same chairs.

right away I knew there would be an image of the very well-groomed (by Lori at Canine Oasis) J. Cash Wilson in that chair.

my editor Sherry Butt would be conducting an interview for Citizen Pet magazine while I would create some photographs.

prior to meeting W. Brett I set up the lights bringing the two chairs together so that J. Cash would be able to relax beside him.

I visualized the shot I wanted and waited for the appropriate moment to make it happen . . . there would be only one chance.

black dog, on black leather chair, engaging the camera, with a head tilt and happy expression, in a dimly lit office with 4 different light sources . . .

. . . let us know

what you



guess where we went on day #100 of Go4aWalk? ~ part 5 ~ Calgary pet photography



to the “Go4aWalk? GuessTination”

(thanks to Lana P. for coming up with that! 🙂 )

was given almost simultaneously by two of our dedicated followers on Facebook . . .

. . . on day #100 of Go4aWalk? we went to one of the two official off leash dog parks in Cochrane, Alberta.

here we are looking East towards Calgary along the beautiful banks of the Bow River.

we figured that having a few photographs that included the river would help everyone with their guesses.  it did!  😉

although this particular morning wasn’t the most warm, dry and pleasant of spring days, for Jake and for us it didn’t seem to matter one little bit . . .

. . . we were together as a pack and going for a walk. 😀

more to come . . .


J. Cash & W. Brett Wilson make the cover of Citizen Pet magazine ~ Calgary commercial pet photography


we photograph

commercial work for magazines

we sometimes don’t get to share it for months.

here’s a project we’ve been sitting on quietly . . . until now.  😉

special thanks goes out to Sherry Butt, the fantastic editor of Citizen Pet magazine and

of course to W. Brett Wilson and his very

well behaved dog, J. Cash Wilson

for a great photo session.

more to come . . .