was the Easter holiday

long weekend which meant

some extra challenges during our walks.

there were loads more folks out enjoying the warm

Calgary weather & taking advantage of the opportunity to walk their dogs. 🙂

day #89 complete . . . began with a beautiful sunrise so we enjoyed a relaxed 30 minute walk with 46 check-ins.  when you’re a dog it’s just nice to stop and smell the pee-mail.  later Jake got to meet one of his favourite humans on the planet, our friend and former NASA rocket scientist. 😉

day #90 complete . . . was a casual 30 minute walk with 47 check-ins.  decided on a leisurely pace after a fun night of math problems with our NASA friend.  it was a quiet Easter Sunday with a lovely brunch with family.

day #91 complete . . . although it was very sunny there was a cool wind blowing.  we all walked (pack walk) for 1 hour with 69 check-ins.  we stopped often to talk and catch up on our week.

day #92 complete . . . summer had arrived in Calgary…for today only. 😉  the temperature reached 19 degrees Celsius during our 37 minute casual walk.  there were 47 check-ins with mostly low distractions.  then sat on porch and did a bunch more check-ins with moderate distractions.

day #93 complete . . . so winter’s back in Calgary. 😉  last night saw about 3-5 centimetres of snow in our neighbourhood.  the 40 minute casual walk had 69 check-ins and had mostly low distractions with occasional periods of moderate (teen girls screaming) to high (city bus releasing air brakes).  got Jake to ignore a bus using a higher value treat…he even sat for it…that was a first. 🙂



dropped off

the Zax print to

the Alberta Guide Dog

volunteer Puppy Raiser, Joyce, today . . .

I couldn’t get over how much Zax has grown. 🙂

at over 80 pounds of solid puppy muscle

this boy could grow more still!

after the initial 30 seconds

of new visitor excitement

wore off he was the

perfect gentleman

laying quietly.

good boy Zax…well done Joyce’s family!