has happened

since we began our commitment to walk Jake for at least 30 minutes every day.

the first big thing was that we finally have a name for what we’re doing:

we’re calling it “Go4aWalk?

this name stuck because that’s what we usually say to Jake just before we take him for a walk . . .

and yes he almost always does a head tilt when we say that. 😉

over the past 100 days Jake has experienced -30 to +19 degree Celsius temperatures

(he prefers the sub-zero temperatures),

winds from dead calm to gusts up to 70 kilometres per hour and

lighting conditions from morning sunrise to several hours after sunset.

( no animals were harmed during this time . . . can’t say the same for the humans. 😉 )

having folks take an active interest in our journey has given us the motivation to continue . . .


day #62 complete . . . to walk or not to walk?


Evocative Photography the Calgary Pet Photographer


we always appreciate every comment and the words of encouragement we receive . . .

several pep talks were required to screw our courage to the sticking place . . .

& we were thankful because several times we enjoyed beautiful sunsets.


through it all Jake remained our faithful companion

always ready with a head tilt of enthusiasm,

a few licks of gratitude and

a sigh of contentment.

here’s to the

next 100




freezing rain

last night here in Calgary

wreaked havoc on the power grid.

our power was out from about 03:05 until almost 03:30.

Jake, the littlest bobo, quickly grew tired of hearing the fire alarm chirping.

when we went out for his morning ritual a thin glazing of ice covered everything.  this made

for some interesting moments as Jake skated across the sidewalk straight into the grass . . . think Bambi. 🙂

we waited most of the day for the temperatures to climb & the ice to melt which meant keeping Jake occupied with games until . . .

. . . the magic words were spoken . . .

“Jake . . . go for a walk?”

day #94 complete . . . walked for about 45 minutes with 67 check-ins . . . the power poles were humming from all the  freezing rainfall thawing . . . we heard, then saw, fifty songbirds in a bush . . . Jake seem particularly interested in them but they were not interested in him.  as we walked back we stopped to listen to the power pole hum again.  this time Jake seemed to be more intrigued, he was happy to be out.