the joys of Go4aWalk? day #141 ~ Calgary pet photography


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Go4aWalk? day #141 . . .

day #141 complete . . . Calgary forecast: RAINFALL WARNING IN EFFECT.  rain at times heavy.  total rainfall amounts 80 to 100 millimetres.  :0

“let’s wait for a break in the rain.”  10 minutes later . . .  “just another 10 minutes.”  30 minutes later . . . “okay.  let’s go for a walk?”  super waggly.  at first.  then the raincoat goes on.  rain pants.  rain hat.  rubber boots.  wagging subsides.  door opens and cool moist air enters.  tail. stops. dead. 🙁

“how about we just watch it from the safety of the porch?”  unenthusiastically walks to the door.  with great trepidation steps over the threshold and onto the porch.  raining even harder now.  drainage beginning to back up.  🙁

nose twitches.  twitches again.  eyes go soft.  ears perk up.  tail begins to wag . . . slowly.  🙂  let’s go!

. . . sometimes just a little patience

is all that’s



the joys of Go4aWalk? day #139 ~ Calgary pet photography


joys of

Go4aWalk? day #139 . . .

day #139 complete . . . took Jake on a pack dog walk for about 35 minutes just before a spring micro-burst began in our Calgary neighbourhood.  there were lots of dark clouds on the horizon, gusting winds and the strong smell of rain in the air.  we could see the approaching storm was only minutes away.

when we first adopted Jake from the Cochrane and Area Humane Society (almost 3 years ago) he was deathly afraid of rain, dark clouds and thunderstorms.  he would hide under furniture, shake uncontrollably and would not go outside.  we have since been slowly and carefully working with him to build his confidence.

at first, Jake was anxious on the walk, but he wasn’t shaking and actually left the house.  lots of positive reinforcement and encouragement has helped him to slowly overcome his fears.  here he is in full on border-collie-walking-with-a-purpose mode . . .  😉

. . . working with our pets to overcome their fears can be

challenging & takes lots of time & patience but

the bond & trust that it builds is

well worth