the joys of Go4aWalk? day #145 at the 24th annual Lilac Festival in Calgary


joys of

Go4aWalk? day #145 . . .

day #145 complete . . . we had a very relaxing 30 minute walk today.  this was good for Jake (and us) since yesterday’s walk was so intense with hundreds of folks and a number of doggy greetings.  for day #144’s Go4aWalk? GuessTination we took a short stroll with thousands of fellow Calgarian’s down 4th Street during the 24th annual Lilac Festival.  Kathy G. guessed correctly in just a few minutes after we posted the photographic clue on our Facebook page (

to keep it positive for Jake yesterday we were often watching him for signs of stress and doing check-ins.  we would frequently move away from the crowds to the less busy side streets.  this allowed him to shake off any stress, cool himself in the shade and drink lots.

. . . challenging your dog can be good as long as

it remains a positive experience

for both of