the joys of Go4aWalk? days #172 to #174: after the flood


joys of

Go4aWalk? days #172 to #174 . . .

days #172 to #174 complete . . . we did a quick 30 minute pack walk around the neighbourhood on Friday.  it was raining pretty hard but Jake didn’t seem to mind.

the sun came out on Saturday so we walked with our backpacks on for about an hour on bicycle paths around Rocky Ridge.  we visited some places we hadn’t been to for a while.  Jake was pretty happy to spend time in the sunshine.

today we did another hour long walk but without our packs.  we left a bit earlier to try to avoid the mosquitoes.

. . . it was a good stay where you are weekend.

being close to family, friends

and new friends

was perfect.


the Dog about Town: the Alberta Flood weekend of June 22nd, 2013



are with all those affected

by the flooding here in southern Alberta.

this is a good weekend to stay where you are and cherish some time

surrounded by family, close friends and new friends and to give everyone a big hug and lots of love everyday.

for those of us in Calgary here is the link to the City of Calgary’s News Blog.

to help Find Family Members affected by Flooding in Alberta the Canadian Red Cross has set up this link.

here is some very useful emergency preparedness information for furry family members from the Edmonton Humane Society’s website.

The Stay Where You Are With Friends and Family Weekend

Date:  Saturday & Sunday, June 22 & 23, 2013

Location:  Where You’re At

Time:  All Day

                             Cost:  Free

the weather in Calgary this weekend may be

a mixed bag with sunny periods,

cloudy periods and


for everyone’s sake let’s pray for more sun and no rain.


people’s forecast:  bring a raincoat and a hat.  a mix of sun and cloud with a chance of rain

doggy temperatures:  bring water & DON’T leave me in the car! ~ highs 16 to 17 Celsius / lows 9 Celsius

off leash conditions:  bath time very likely.  ~  flooding, big puddles and muddy at most parks

sunrise / sunset:  05:21AM / 9:55PM

bugs:  high to extreme

UV:  moderate