the joys of Go4aWalk? day #144


joys of

Go4aWalk? day #144 . . .

day #144 complete . . . relaxed pace walking for several hours . . . just enough challenge for Jake that it remained positive.

to warm up your Go4aWalk? GuessTination skills here’s an easy one . . .

. . . this shouldn’t be too difficult if you live in Calgary

and enjoyed a warm, sunny



the joys of Go4aWalk? day #143 ~ Calgary pet photography


joys of

Go4aWalk? day #143 . . .

day #143 complete . . . Jake has been sleeping a lot lately.  it’s as though he is preparing for the return of the sun. 😉  Jake looks about as enthusiastic during the walk in the rain as the grey clouds look in the sky.

when we stepped out on the porch I noticed how much greener our lawn has become.  thankfully I patched the grass “relief area” and laid a bunch of fresh seed down right before the heavens opened a few days ago.

but what really caught my eye was how our tree has sprung to life . . . it has taken on the characteristic lime green hue of fresh spring shoots . . .

. . . I love how the rain has made

everything green



the joys of Go4aWalk? day #142 ~ Calgary pet photography


joys of

Go4aWalk? day #142 . . .

day #142 complete . . . DAY 2 . . . Calgary forecast: RAINFALL WARNING IN EFFECT.  again.  rain at times heavy.  again.  total rainfall amounts 80 to 100 millimetres.  beginning to think they just keep posting the same forecast. 😉

with a second day of heavy rains the storm sewers at various locations around Calgary are starting to overflow.  our neighbourhood has a number of natural wetlands and some storm drainage areas.  all of these are straining under the two continuous days of rainfall.

we keep our raincoats, pants, socks and rubber boots in the garage to dry out in between walks, pee breaks and “Go4aSmell?” events.  Jake’s leather leash is a little longer than 6 feet now, necessitating some of James’ fancy rope-work or the improvised harness Sheena (Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge & Skills Assessed (CPDT-KSA)) showed us.

the walks are still interesting for Jake, though he likes to keep in border-collie-low-herding-perpetual-motion.  so when he does stop to smell something it’s a bit startling.  he stopped at this puddle and smelled it intently getting so low his belly almost touched the surface.  so I got down with him and looked at it from his point of view.  this is what I saw . . .

. . . I could smell the freshness

of a cool spring