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Go4aWalk? day #138 . . .

day #138 complete . . . took Jake on a walk that lasted about an hour.  we both wore our backpacks.  by slowly increasing the amount of weight we carry we will be ready for the summer season of longer hikes.

wearing his doggy backpack Jake receives both a mental and physical challenge.  he LOVES having a job and gets very focused.  he doesn’t like stopping to chat. 😉

. . . we are all looking forward to the

longer hiking




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Go4aWalk? day #137 . . .

day #137 complete . . . walked for over an hour to the pet store via a new route and back.

by giving your dog new experiences you provide them with mental stimulation and if done in a positive environment it can build your dog’s confidence.

after particularly good walks this is the position Jake usually takes . . .   😉

. . . as the saying goes:

a tired dog is a




photographed with the iPod Touch


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Go4aWalk? day #136 . . .

day #136 complete . . . over an hour long dog walk today but back to our own Calgary neighbourhood.  even though it was something familiar to Jake, we changed it up by walking on the opposite side of the street and in a different direction.  since dogs aren’t great generalists even small changes in the usual routines can provide needed mental stimulation.

on the walk we noticed the May long weekend traffic has picked up as everyone prepares for the first long weekend of the camping season.

. . . wishing everyone a safe and relaxing

Victoria Day long