a comfortable chair, a fine book and a loving dog ~ why you should read to your dog

I was reorganizing the storage in our basement over the holidays.  fun, right?

although it was a big job I was thoroughly enjoying myself.  each box contained a long forgotten treasure awaiting rediscovery.

then I found it!  the old chair was sitting in the corner under some dog toys and books.

I felt as though I had made the most significant find of 2017; this chair was sooooo comfortable to sit in.

I brought the chair and some books upstairs into our studio and sat down to read.  not long after our border collie rescue, Jake, ambled into the studio to check on me.

he sat on his pillow beside the chair for a while.  then he got up, rested his chin on my arm, and looked deeply into my eyes as if to say, “room for two?”

needing little encouragement he clambered onto my lap and curled into a ball.

that’s when I discovered the joy of reading to him.  each spoken word would bring a sigh of contentment from Jake.

now that Jake is a senior dog he loves these quiet times together.  it doesn’t matter what I read as long as I speak to him in a soft, loving tone . . .

a border collie lap dog sitting on his person's lap reading a book in fine art black and white by evocative pet photography calgary

 . . . like Tom Selleck in Three Men and a Baby. 😉

this image was inspired by the great Armenian-Canadian portrait photographer, Yousuf Karsh.

Happy New Year! ~ January 1st, 2018


we sit down

with family and friends

to celebrate the New Year indoors . . . 😉

the full moon of christmas 2015 rising over the banff bridge near mount rundle in banff national park by evocative photography of calgary

. . . may there be a renewed

sense of coming



Jake on Boxing Day

jake here . . .

it’s Boxing Day . . .

am i doing it right?

okay, bye.

(through the magic of professional pet photography NO dogs were harmed during the making of this meme)