Jake on Sleeping Like a Baby, Awkwardly

jake here . . .

i don’t always

sleep in a chair . . .

border collie Aussie shepherd dog sleeping awkwardly in an Ikea poang chair by the natural light studio pet photographers evocative photography in calgary

 . . .  but when i do

i sleeps like a baby, but awkwardly.

okay, bye.


while we were busy photoshopping a client order, Jake got up to do his usual afternoon yoga routine.

after a while we noticed he hadn’t returned to bed #4 (the one under our desk) so we investigated . . . and found him fast asleep in the chair.

not wanting to wake him, we quickly (and VERY quietly) captured this photograph, one second after his even more awkward “cockroach” position.

James here . . . sometimes having natural light in a pet photography studio has its advantages. 😉


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