. . . happy birthday iPod ~ Calgary Commercial Photographer

i remember the first time we went on a road trip without our briefcase full of cassette tapes and compact discs.  for once we didn’t have to decide which music we were going to take with us and what would get left behind.  we were able to listen to 36 hours of non-repeating music as well as a few audio books.

stopping by a library in Salt Lake City, Utah, we were able to email friends and family back home to let them know that we were safe (our cell phone hadn’t switched over to a US carrier yet).  we then looked up the location of the nearest REI and got detailed instructions on how to get to there.  next we checked gasoline prices online and filled up the tank for the rest of our journey.  we even managed to find and book a hotel in Moab on it!

that night at our hotel, we checked the weather forecast for the next day’s photo shoot and the exact time of sunrise.  when we awoke conditions weren’t ideal for the type of images we wanted to make so we headed back into town and looked up a few places to shop at and eat in, on the iPod.

after we ate we were able to show some potential clients our portfolio on the iPod’s touch screen and they were able to “pinch” an image that they liked larger so that they could check for sharpness.  we entered their address and other details into it, emailed them a small  jpeg of the image and accepted payment.  it clinched the sale of a fine art black and white print.  gotta love Americans . . . see it.  love it.  want it.  buy it!   🙂



so happy 10th birthday iPod.  thanks for paying for yourself and bringing Star Trek to life for my generation.