happiness is . . . Their. Precious. Day. ~ Calgary pet photography

Happiness is . . .

As a guardian there is no greater pleasure than giving our loved ones the things that bring them the most happiness . . .

seeing the sheer joy on their face

receiving a grateful lick & cuddle

hearing their sigh of complete satisfaction as they sleep peacefully in your arms.

That’s the inspiration behind, “Their. Precious. Day.”

So what is “Their. Precious. Day.”

Think of all the things your pet might love doing the most:

playing fetch for hours on end

chewing on your favourite shoe

rolling around in gawd-awful things

stopping at every tree, fence and hydrant to smell the wonders of pee-mail, for however long they want,

sleeping on the sofa or in your bed

eating the best people food

there will be no rules

no oops

no cares

no worries

who are we kidding, it’s probably all the above because it’s . . .

their. precious. day.

Just thinking about it brings a smile to your face doesn’t it?

Their. Precious. Day. 🙂

Have fun designing Their. Precious. Day session for your pet and we will be there to capture your precious memories, in timeless images, filling you with warm feelings.

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