Dogs With No Names field work 2 ~ Alberta Feral Dog Photography

on Monday, the 29th of October, Evocative Photography™

joined the team of dedicated volunteers from the Dogs With No Names

for another field trip to the Siksika Nation to provide much needed food, . . .

. . . blankets and implants.

prepping takes longer than the procedure itself sometimes.

most times the implant procedure is completed in under 2 minutes.

a little wiggle entertainment as everyone wanted to get in on the action 😉

boy you have a weird looking eye but i’m ready for my food now 😉

a fragile and beautiful frost clung to the landscape.

field notes and . . .

. . . records being updated.

(barcodes are for the microchip each dog receives)

we bid adieu to the Dogs With No Names at the Siksika First Nation . . .

. . . and follow the fog-shrouded-sun home . . .

. . . until the next visit.