. . . Citizen Pet Centrefold ~ Calgary Pet Photography

Gus & Gracie made the summer 2011 issue of Citizen Pet as the pet pin-up poster centrefold!

in case you don’t know anything about Citizen Pet here is an excerpt from their About Us page:

“Whether your animal companion is a friendly dog, cuddly cat or spirited horse, one thing is clear – PEOPLE ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT THEIR PETS!
This is the sentiment behind every issue of Citizen Pet – a quarterly publication celebrating the special relationship we have with our pets. Pet guardians love to read and share stories about their furry family members and they want accurate, unbiased information about pet products and services so they can make informed buying decisions.
Citizen Pet shares these touching stories with you and includes the most current information about all the things you’ll need to know to keep your pets healthy and happy such as nutrition, grooming and training tips, alternative therapies and choosing the right pet for your family to name a few.
Citizen Pet is published four times a year in February, May, August and November by Fresh PAINT Communications Inc. A portion of the proceeds raised through advertising and subscription sales is donated to Kali’s Wish Cancer Foundation – a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating cancer in pets through awareness, education and non-animal research.
Currently, Citizen Pet is available by subscription and at numerous veterinary clinics, specialty pet supply retailers, pet rescue organizations and animal shelters in Calgary and other major cities in Alberta and Western Canada. Citizen Pet is also available at numerous magazine stands in retail establishments throughout Calgary and Edmonton, and is inserted into select community and specialty newspapers.”

Citizen Pet’s Editor/Publisher is the incredibly busy and passionate, Sherry B.  Without her Citizen Pet would not exist.  Thank you Sherry!

I think Gus & Gracie’s wonderful guardian will be just a little bit happy to see this centrefold.  🙂    Thanks MAGS!