. . . Chanel, Chloe & Happy ~ Calgary Pet Photography

Please meet Chanel, Chloe and Happy (again).   Could they be the three amigos?

Even though the  t-r-e-a-t  bag was opening right beside her, Chanel remained focused on us.  It seemed like she wanted to pose for us the entire time…and we didn’t mind at all.  We loved her lion’s mane and fluffy boots.  🙂

Chloe was very relaxed.  Check out her tail.  It rises up, then falls back down like a water fountain. 🙂  We are beginning to think that she would rather lay down more than anything else in the world.

And then there’s Happy.  True to his name he smiled most of the time and was super attentive.

They were such a joy to photograph and had such distinctly different personalities.