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don’t forget to move your clocks ahead tonight ~ Calgary Pet Photography

it’s that time of year again . . . when we turn our clocks forward by one hour before we go to sleep.  🙁  how are you liking that idea Gary? . . . too bad we couldn’t have done it at 3PM on Friday. 😉

resistance is futile to puppy cuteness ~ Alberta Guide Dog photography

resistance is futile . . . to my beguiling puppy cuteness! thus spoke Meg, the brand new Alberta Guide Dog puppy upon her arrival at the Calgary airport. look at her cute little crossed puppy paws, tiny wet nose and those seductive eyes . . . the best part is how she made her volunteer puppy…

Meg the new Alberta Guide Dog puppy ~ Alberta Guide Dog Photographer

please meet Meg the brand new Alberta Guide Dog Services puppy. she recently arrived in Calgary from B.C. and has already started to fill out her guide dog in training jacket . . . those are pretty BIG paws you have to fill Meg. 😉 and she definitely . . . left her paw prints…