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the Dog about Town: weekend of November 30th, 2013 ~ the puppysitter edition

who better to help us raise an Alberta Guide Dog Services puppy than Jake, the Littlest Bobo. we adopted Jake as a mature dog from the Cochrane and Area Humane Society just over 3 years ago.  we knew little of his history other than meeting his previous people and finding out from them that he just…

can you resist a puppy dog’s eyes? ~ evocative pet photography in calgary

Daisy had just arrived in Calgary a few hours earlier. after showing her around our home she settled in pretty quickly. as I prepared our evening meal, James made a quick image of her first sit. “Daisy, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” what a sweet start to a wonderful journey….

you got me a puppy! ~ the calgary guide dog photographer

you got me a puppy? it’s official! after months of planning we are proud Alberta Guide Dog Services puppy raisers! please meet Daisy . . . here are Daisy’s first foot steps in Calgary. 🙂 (but where is Daisy’s cute,  blue Alberta Guide Dog Services jacket?)