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Daisy makes the Citizen Pet magazine centrefold!

Daisy the Alberta Guide Dog Services puppy in training made the winter edition of  Citizen Pet & Equine magazine’s centrefold . . . . . . be sure to grab a copy at your local vet, Pet Planet or public library. “Daisy pretty puppy” turns 4 months old tomorrow and is not this little anymore….

the Dog about Town: weekend of December 7th, 2013 ~ the puppy sounds edition

Daisy is happy to be wearing her supergirl guide dog cape . . . . . . but the cold weather has become her kryptonite.  so what do superhero dogs do when faced with adversity? they practice of course . . . so she’s training in the warmth of the studio by working on her…

Daisy turns 8 weeks old ~ Calgary Puppy Photography

it is a special day here today at Evocative Photography  as Daisy, the Alberta Guide Dog Services puppy in training, turns 8 weeks old . . . however, it’s just another typical day for the “Daisykins, the little lion cub.” she woke up, peed, played, ate, played again, peed again, slept, peed some more, ate…