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savour the little moments

our dog Jake teaches us to savour the little moments . . . like stopping to enjoy the beautiful sunsets that we have here in Calgary. these memories are what make a full life.

looking back on 2013 ~ pet photography in Calgary

as 2013 comes to a close we look back on a year filled with precious memories . . . . . . there were so many places we visited, so many meals we enjoyed and so many new friends we made. 😀

the Dog about Town: weekend of October 5th, 2013

why not Go4aRide with your best friend this weekend in the mountains? there are plenty of amazing new sights, sounds and scents to share. 🙂 *photographed on day #275 of Go4aWalk? be sure your car is ready for winter. “JAKE’S BEST GUESS” 4 DOG WALKING CONDITIONS THIS WEEKEND IN BANFF people’s forecast:  bring a hat, gloves…