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the Olympic Go4aWalk? day #1326 ~ weekend of August 20th, 2016

jake here . . . workin hard for my 2020 Olympic debut . . . . . .  i’ve been told that the winners get steak. & ice-cream. & tuna. okay, bye. 😉 “JAKE’S BEST GUESS” 4 CALGARY PET PHOTOGRAPHY THIS WEEKEND people’s forecast: bring a hat because it’s a sunny and warm weekend filled with brightness,…

Shake off the Wet! ~ weekend of August 6th, 2016

it’s going to be a wet one this weekend . . . . . .  ENJOY!! 😉 “JAKE’S BEST GUESS” 4 CALGARY WET PET PHOTOGRAPHY THIS WEEKEND people’s forecast: a good possibility of white puffies, wetness, potential loudness, and coolerness. doggy temperatures: bring fresh water.  high +21 Celsius / low +13 Celsius sunrise / sunset: 06:08 AM / 9:16 PM off…

Go4aHike GuessTination Answer

this past Friday we asked if you knew where we went with our dog on day #1253 for our Go4aHike GuessTination? Tracy K.D. correctly guessed that we went to Eiffel Lake, in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, by Moraine Lake, in Banff National Park. congratulations Tracy!! 🙂