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everyone has a moment that they want to cherish forever. for A it is the moment when Arlo gently places his paw on her face when she holds him . . . . . . and as fate would have it Arlo chose to do it during their photo session. 😀

jake here . . . i love it when the days get looonger. . . . . . and we get to stay out later. okay, bye. 🙂 “JAKE’S BEST GUESS” 4 THE CALGARY PET PHOTOGRAPHER’S WEATHER CONDITIONS THIS WEEKEND people’s forecast: bring a hat & raincoat… cause Calgary. 😉  a mix of brightness and white puffies with a…

 when our faithful companion pets look at us with their heartfelt, soulful gazes . . .  . . .  we are reminded of the goodness that they see in us. 🙂