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Happy Birthday! for Jake at the Rainbow Bridge

BUTLER! we just wanted to wish you the happiest birthday in your new place . . .  . . .  where we know you are busy smelling, and smelling, and smelling some more, then rolling, and swimming, then “shake,” and making new friends. we know that you’re playing with all your toys, making new “toys,”…

Alberta Veterinary Medical Association’s article on “Tick Prevention & Removal”

here is a useful article on “Tick Prevention & Removal“ by the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association  from their Alberta Animal Health Source website. jake here . . . here’s to a tick free season . . . . . .  for me and all my furry and  not-so-furry friends! ok, bye. 😉  

Jake on Second Winter

Jake : “dad, is second winter almost over?” Dad : “No Jake, we still have our winter tires on. When we change them after the May long weekend, only then will Spring begin.” 😉