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how to get your dog to relax ~ Calgary studio pet photographer

we occasionally 😉 hear from some of our clients, “how did you get ______ to sit so pretty for the photos?” “he never stays still at home for even a second” or “she’s so crazy I can’t even get a good sit.” after photographing hundreds of furry subjects over the years we found the best…

don’t forget to move your clocks ahead tonight ~ Calgary Pet Photography

it’s that time of year again . . . when we turn our clocks forward by one hour before we go to sleep.  🙁  how are you liking that idea Gary? . . . too bad we couldn’t have done it at 3PM on Friday. 😉

being in perfect tune with your dog ~ calgary people & pet portrait photography

it’s always interesting when people & their pets are perfectly tuned in to each other . . . we love natural moments like these 🙂