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what Jake the littlest bobo does ~ calgary studio pet photography

yesterday’s morning run was followed by a long walk. because the autumn mornings are crisp we both expend a lot more energy just keeping warm. back in the studio while we sat down to work images from the Goliath campaign we noticed Jake staring blankly at the wall. it piqued our interest so we watched…

chewy’s success story part 4 ~ calgary studio pet photography

there are no words . . . james and i wish chewy a very long and happy life with rumu. to learn more about adopting from Little Mutts Rescue please click here or visit

chewy’s success story part 3 ~ calgary studio pet photography

with this happy face you would never know that life before Rumu was very different for chewy. with the tough times behind him . . . . . . there’s nothing but security, affection and play time in chewy’s future. woooohoooo! thanks Little Mutts Rescue!!!