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being in perfect tune with your dog ~ calgary people & pet portrait photography

it’s always interesting when people & their pets are perfectly tuned in to each other . . . we love natural moments like these 🙂

happy 17th Lisa ~ calgary studio pet & portrait photography

today is a very special day for us here at evocative photography. the tiniest member of the EDP family has just turned 17! happy birthday Lisa! 🙂 although little Lisa has some health issues, she shows little sign of slowing down. her loving guardian walks with her everyday during her EDP session it became heart-warmingly…

jake & bunnies ~ calgary studio pet photography

it sure was quiet in the studio . . . jake? where are you buddy? he’s over in the corner paying rapt attention to something looking over his shoulder we discover . . . he’s perusing the latest Citizen Pet magazine centrefold and yes, he is licking Gary the BunBun but he insists he’s reading…