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the warm feelings campaign presents . . . chewy’s success story ~ calgary studio pet photography

Little Mutts Rescue thankfully saved this precious dog’s life. Chewy gets his name from the fierce and loyal wookiee, chewbacca, of star wars fame.  😉 this photograph highlights the wookiee in him . . . . . . so that you can almost hear a wookiee howl coming from deep within 😉 and yes those…

Rufus’ Success Story part 4 ~ Calgary Pet Photography

for Skye and Jadon, Rufus is their first dog . . . and they have taken on the responsibility with great enthusiasm . . . by taking the time to learn how to train Rufus to be the best dog he can be. thank you Skye & Jadon you are setting a great example on…

Rufus’ Success Story part 3 ~ Calgary Pet Photography

Here’s Jadon getting a high five from Rufus as Skye watches on . . . Rufus is a great Beagle who wants so much to please his young dog trainers. to have your own “beagle success story,” please consider adopting from Beagle Paws.