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~ the first anniversary of Jake’s Simple Request ~

last year Jake had a simple request . . . . . . we were overwhelmed with the kind-hearted responses we received from many Canadians. if you would be so kind, please remember to wear your poppy a little bit earlier this year too. thank you.

the Dog about Town recharges ~ weekend of May 30th, 2015

sometimes with all the go, go, go the Dog about Town needs to rest . . . . . . and recharge his solar powered batteries. 😉 “JAKE’S BEST GUESS” 4 DOG WALKING CONDITIONS THIS  WEEKEND IN  CALGARY people’s forecast: bring a hat & a jacket.  probably a mixed bag on both Saturday and Sunday doggy temperatures:…

the Evocative Paw in Hand Memories

over the years of creating “Paw in Hand” memories for our clients . . . we’ve learned that every paw in hand photograph is as unique as you & the bond you share with your best friend. that’s what makes them so special. 🙂