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where to Cross-Country Ski with your Dog ~ weekend of January 30th, 2016

last weekend was Jake’s first Go4aSki.  we’ve been wanting to take him for some time and this year the stars finally aligned.  we are by no means expert skiers but what we lack in technique we more than make up in enthusiasm. 😉   Jake has many seasons of snowshoeing under his collar but we…

Jake’s first Go4aSki?

jake here . . . most of the time my people move sooooo slowly but sometimes when they put funny sticks on their feet . . . . . . they can finally move at my pace. i like those times. okay, bye. 😉

omg! Omg!! OMG!!! ~ weekend of January 23th, 2016

jake here . . . omg! Omg!! OMG!!! it’s almost the weekend!!! 😉 “JAKE’S BEST GUESS” 4 DOG WALKING CONDITIONS THIS WEEKEND IN CALGARY people’s forecast: bring a warm hat, gloves & a jacket.  mostly sunny with some white puffies. doggy temperatures: bring non-frozen fresh water.  high +2 Celsius / low -4 Celsius off leash conditions:  icy sections…