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Go4aHike GuessTination Clue #2

on Friday we asked if you knew where we went with our dog on day #1253 . . . . . .  for our Go4aHike GuessTination? guesses came in fast and furious and included: Rummel Pass, Buller Pass, James Walker Pass, Three Lakes Valley, Sparrowhawk Tarns, Old Goat glacier, Sunshine Meadows, the Lake O’Hara area, near Mount Edith…

Go4aHike GuessTination ~ weekend of June 11th, 2016

any guesses as to where we went on day #1253 . . . . . .  for our Go4aHike GuessTination? 🙂 “JAKE’S BEST GUESS” 4 WEATHER CONDITIONS THIS WEEKEND 4 THE CALGARY PET PHOTOGRAPHER people’s forecast: bring a hat and lots of water.  blowy, with brightness and warmth and some white puffies. doggy temperatures: bring lots of clean, fresh…

how do you keep your cool?

snow is a welcome sight . . . . . .  when the temperatures begin to soar. 🙂